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We are so grateful to Mark and Grace Brave Shiba Inu Puppies for our sweet and adorable Cory. He has brought immeasurable love and joy into our house. For many years, my children had been begging me for a dog. I was concerned about the responsibility and my answer was always – NO. This summer when my daughters showed me a photo of Cory on the Brave Shiba Inu Puppies website – I could not resist. I was skeptical about buying a dog online and doubtful about claiming a dog at the airport after such a long journey. Yet the process was well organized, clear and much simpler than expected. Mark could not have been more patient with my thousands of questions – this is no joke. I was texting and calling and texting many times each day. Mark was understanding and supportive. It was he and his commitment which allowed me to move forward with the whole process. And now Cory is talk of the town. Everyone wants to meet him. My family adores him. My friend who is a dog trainer says – “Cory is the cutest dog I have ever seen.” Thanks and gratitude to Mark and Brave Shiba Inu Puppies for our bundle of joy!!!! .

Emillie Lake

Thank you so much for everything you have done to assist with my new puppy! I had a great experience dealing with Brave Shiba Inu Puppies! I love him so much already and it was such a smooth and easy process. You were very detailed in what things I needed to have ready for the delivery of my new puppy. He is in healthy shape and is so lovable. I can’t thank you enough!

Regina Foe

Thanks so much for helping us find Gus! We are dog people and have always had them in our lives, but even we were amazed at his fantastic demeanor. He is loving and well behaved and more than we had hoped for in a new family pet. As our daughter’s birthday gift, he has far surpassed our expectations and brought us so much joy. He is happy to play when she wants to and to just sit and cuddle if that suits her as well. We are so glad we did our homework to find Brave Shiba Inu Puppies. There is no comparison between your service and any other source we looked at. We were pleased with the process and happy to see he arrived just as planned with no stress from his journey. He is definitely not the last dog we will purchase from Brave Shiba Inu Puppies. Many thanks!

Daniel Awake

OMG! It is real. My dream puppy is now a new additional to our family!!!!

I have been longing for a Shiba Inu Puppy for years. I searched for many places and none of those places had given me the excitement for inquiry. Until I saw a video clip of a red Shiba Inu from Brave Shiba Inu Puppies on the internet and I immediately had to ask. Of course, that puppy was sold so quickly that I had to special order one. Mark was very helpful but that 2 weeks wait for her to search for my ideal puppy seemed so long. I was a little hesitated at one point for buying a puppy online but I am sooooo proud of myself for sticking to my instinct.

Mark is very responsive, reliable, knowledge and thoughtful for all my questions/concern. MILLIE arrived in a pink cage with clear labels and documents, inside the cage was a hanging bottle of liquid and the cage was lined neatly with wee pads. He even attached some of the puppy food outside the cage.

Millie is a very healthy and happy puppy. She is gorgeous, totally draws big attention wherever I go with her.

I am so glad that I waited ’til I found BRAVE SHIBA INU PUPPIES. I would highly recommend anyone with the puppies there.

Goerge T.

From Day 1 of emailing Mark I knew this was THE one and only place I would get my new puppy. Not only was he the kindest and very knowledgeable about his pups, he truly cared for each and every one of them and wanted them to be in great homes.

I fell in love with every single pup on his website and loved how he didn’t just only have photos but short videos of the pups in action alongside it! It eased every worry of coming across a scammer posting photo-shopped pets or stealing pictures off other places.

I continued to message Mark, who replied so fast and whenever I asked a question, and decided to make a special order. I sent Mark a couple pictures of what I was looking for and not only did he exceed my expectations, he also was able to do it so quickly!! He made me feel like I was his top priority and all he wanted to do was find me my perfect puppy.

After finalizing everything and being 100000% sure of purchasing him, Mark gave me a list of all the necessary things to prepare for my puppy. I had so many questions and He never hesitated to give me a reply.

He looks exactly like the photos and videos Mark had sent me. I am absolutely in love. He is healthy, adorable and full of energy.

I am definitely coming back to him for any of my future puppies and 10000000% recommend her and Brave Shiba Inu Puppies to anyone looking for healthy beautiful puppies! I am truly grateful for you Mark <3

Much love,

Jane & Karl

I cannot begin to tell you how in love we are with these two. We picked up Tini and Karl from the airport they where so happy happy happy to see us. They are so alert that you would have never know they where in such a long flight. Immediately they are very well. We gave both a bath upon arrival and let me tell you Karl hates the blow dryer so much he woke everyone up in the house at
4:00 am.
Tini loves the warm air from the blow dryer.
They are already running around the house and loving all of the attention.
We are so thankful to you and your company for being so attentive and answering the many concerns I had.

Thank you thank you thank you

Mellisa Whines

Hi Mark, this is Eric Merry Christmas and happy new year!!! Here’s the review

Brave Shiba Inu Puppies is the best place to get healthy Shiba Inu puppies. We placed the order with Mark on the email , and Vanilla arrived the next day. Vanilla is sure cute and healthy. She is a very good girl. she likes to run and play with our daughter. We all love this new family member. Mark is very nice and helpful, he answered all of our questions. He also helped us on how to take care of Vanilla after we received her. We highly recommended Brave Shiba Inu puppies to our friends and family.

Thank you, Brave Shiba Inu Puppies and Mark

Eric Goods

Brave Shiba Inu Puppies are phenominal!!! If you are thinking of purchasing a puppy I highly recommend you purchase one from Brave Shiba Inu Puppies. The customer service from Mark and Grace is excellent. I couldn’t begin to say enough good things about the them. They responded with any questions I had promptly and when I called I looked forward to talking to them because they are so nice, friendly, and helpful. They guided me through the purchase process and it was so easy. As for my little puppy Precious, she is just adorable. When I first saw her I couldn’t have been happier. She is so cute, and it makes me happy just looking at her. She loves to be held, is such a happy little puppy, and is always wagging her little tail. She has not barked or whined once since I received her. I definitely will purchase another puppy from Brave Shiba Inu. I want to thank you so much Mark and Grace for everything.

Klaus Forch

Mason is the best dog ever. He is the cutest ever. He has the best temperament. We all truly adore him and he is in great care. The best addition to our family.

Is this the usual temperament of Shiba Inu? He is a dream dog. Happy, quiet, at the same time playful, also he has definitely been potty trained to go on the pad. Also social and friendly.

Colling MC.

My family LOVES our Shiba Inu, Elsa! We cannot say enough great things about the people at Brave Shiba Inu Pups, the service and assistance they provide, or the little fur balls they deliver.
Do not hesitate to buy from them. You will be overjoyed with the puppy. I highly recommend Brave Shiba Inu Pups!

Linda Della

Thank you so much for bring us Diego! He is the sweetest, most cuddly puppy ever. Working with you guys was so easy, Mark & Grace were there to answer every question we had. My husband & I felt so comfortable with you guys. They managed to send Diego out a few days early to accomodate our schedules, and when he came off the plane he was happy as could be. He loves to snuggle and is so curious and excited about everything he sees. He has very good manners, and is already pad trained. We love him very much and are so thankful for your help in receiving this precious little guy.

Cathy Mih

Hi All,

It’s because am happy and grateful to receive my puppy Bridget that am writing this review.

I have placed the order from the website, easy and clear process and since then was contacted by Mark an agent from Brave Shiba Inu Puppies. She was available all the time on Phone guiding me through the process. I must say that gave me comfort since it’s the first time I order a puppy online.

I am from Canada for those familiar with my country you would know that health and safety are quite strict here and with that Mark was of great help securing all the required health tests and vaccines.

At times I had doubts that I won’t receive Bridget or wouldn’t know how to take care of her, again Mark was there guiding me and taking me through the process.

The day I went to the airport to receive Bridget was unforgettable experience. She is a bundle of joy and as cute as she looked on the website.

Yes, I not only recommend others to order from Brave Shiba Inu Puppies, I am placing my next order soon.

Thank you so much for this wonderful experience and adding a new member to our family.

Roseline Ambi

“Yoshi is the cutest little thing! We are so happy with the service this very reliable company provides. They go the extra mile, from answering every question (and I had lots of them) to sending the puppies super safe to their new homes. Thank you all, especially Mark and Grace, who were the best!!!”

Julia & Walter Wilms

Julia & Walter Wilms

To say I was skeptical about purchasing a dog online, was an understatement. But as soon as I saw (Annie’s) photo, I knew she had to come and live with us. I did a lot of research and I reached out to Mark and asked many questions. Brave Shiba Inu Puppies and Mark were extremely patient with me, and I felt more and more comfortable about making the purchase. From the very beginning to the moment that the puppy was put on the plane, Mark was in contact with me.

It was nerve racking waiting for the puppy to arrive at the airport. But after a quick stop at customs and some paper work, she was finally released to us and we could not have been happier.

We are not new to the breed of Shiba Inu. And Annies is absolutely perfect. From the moment we let her out of the crate at the airport she has been active, loving and playful. This dog was clearly well cared for and socialized. She is not afraid of people or my other pets. She immediately acclimated to her new home.

Some things you may have questions about: Will the dog be ok flying so far? Yes. Our dog arrived safe and healthy. She came in a small animal cage with a water dispenser and food taped to the crate. Was it hard to get the dog through customs? No. It was just a matter of a Customs Agent verifying that the dog’s paperwork and shots were all up to date. After that they release the dog to you. Will it be hard to communicate with someone from Brave Shiba Inu pups? No, not at all. All our communication was easy.

The process was so easy that I’ve already told Mark that when we are ready to get Annie a sister, we will reach out to Brave Shiba Inu Puppies to help us find her. I can’t say enough great things about the puppy or the service that we have received.

Cloudia Sacho

If you’re looking for the most beautiful, premium, top quality Shiba Inu puppy, You won’t find a better supplier then Brave Shiba Inu Puppies. We found them on their website and after we had decided on what breed of puppy (Shiba Inu) we wanted we had contacted RTP and got a response from Mark. We had made a special order and made a deposit so that we could get our pup sooner rather then later. She contacted us as soon as our puppy was available and walked us through all the steps we needed to take to get our pup. We couldn’t have been happier with the service and our puppy. We adore the newest member to our family and we owe all of it to Mark and BSP, we are so happy to have our little Ruby. I would highly recommend them to any of my friends and/or family if they ever wanted a pup like mine. Thank you so much!
With Love,

Jerry R.

Our family is elated with the arrival of our new puppy! We couldn’t have asked for a cuter addition to our family. The team at Brave Shiba Inu Puppies was very attentive before. during, and after the arrival of our puppy, answering any and all questions at all hours of the day! Their customer service is truly superb! Thank you so much Brave Shiba Inu Puppies for the most precious addition to our family :

Blandine Sirie

All I have to say we absolutely LOVE MAUI aka dexter (our Shiba Inu pup)!!!
I purchased him with no doubt because I fell in love with him…
Next day, I had family and friends telling me,” What was I thinking and that I just got scammed!!”
It was so funny because I started txting Mark early in the morning telling him that this place was a scam and etc.
Mark ROCKS for going above and beyond for showing me this company is real with so many documents.
Now, I actually felt bad because this company is totally legit.
Thank you Mark for everything and having patience for my craziness and answering every question I had.
I would highly recommend Brave Shiba Inu Pups 100%
Our pup got checked out through a vet and MAUI is healthy as he can be.
Don’t believe every negative comment you read out there.

Jafpter Zues

I’m beyond happy and satisfied with my puppy! Mark was extremely helpful answering any questions that I had about the puppy etc I would definitely be a returning customer!

AK sandrine

We were little skeptical when we found braveshibainupuppies.com from a puppy finder website. But through braveshibainupuppies.com, this adorable guy became our family!! Mark there will ask for the deposit it is because he has to know for sure if you will purchase the puppy or not before puppy gets shipped. He was very responsive and our dog is very healthy and best Shiba Inu ever!!! Thank you!

Kelvin & Synthia Tylor

New Home for Nala

The first time I found braveshibainupuppies.com I was in love with the puppies, their size, their cuteness, I just couldn’t believe my eyes. When I finally decided to get one of their puppies I didn’t believe they were real. I bought I Shiba Inu named Nala and with her pictures I fell in love. Everything from their service to their dogs are out of this world and I couldn’t be happier. When she finally arrived, I thought she would be really tired after 1 days of traveling, on the contrary she was energized and couldn’t wait to explore her new home. And even after they delivered her they were supper concerned for her and answered my questions with outstanding patience and I couldn’t be happier with my baby she is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen and she is super fun!


Midred Alexis

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